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HELL IS. . . (2013) a short film

HELL IS. . .

Tagline: Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Pitch: Criminal Joe Kidd is on the run after a job. But the couple living upstairs are driving him to despair. Joe’s dilemma is to continue to lay low or “deal” with neighbours from hell. Something has to give!

Description: Drawing inspiration from Sartre’s famous quote “Hell is Other People” the film shows one man’s mental disintegration at the hands of inconsiderate and selfish neighbours. Joe is trapped by his own past and present and it’s only a matter of time before he snaps.

HELL IS… is a dark comedy drawing on influences such as Roman Polanski and Stanley Kubrik plus the mythical story of Sisyphus. It is Fix Films’ 7th short film.

Actors: Philip Wolff and Jojo Georgiou

Directed, Edited and Produced by Gary O’Brien

Written and Produced by Paul Laight

Composer: Russell Leak