If you didn’t know, as well as being a wage slave and film blogger, I am also a screenwriter, producer, caterer, florist, dead body and whatever job comes up during the low budget filmmaking process.  The production company I set up over ten years ago is called Fix Films and our work can be found here.

2016_Chance_Encounter_Kickstarter Campagin LOGO

Myself and my filmmaking partner – director, editor, cinematographer, visual effects dude – Gary O’Brien have worked on nine previous shorts and our tenth is now being released TODAY!

It is called Chance Encounter and is a gentle and heart-warming narrative set in the Star Trek Universe.  Yeah, that’s right – Star Trek!  We had a successful Kickstarter campaign and raised the £2,000 plus-some-change budget ourselves and made the film with professional actors and crew, plus I was involved too. The original Kickstarter video can be seen here:

Having written the screenplay myself with Gary and worked on the shoot I am very proud of the film and feel our intention of respecting the sci-fi and romance genres, as well as the Star Trek universe itself has been achieved. Indeed the trailer here really captured the mood of our intentions.

This has especially been a labour of love for Gary; and his work directing, creating the sets, editing and designing all the visual effects himself is an incredible achievement on such a small budget. So well done to him for doing the screenplay justice. I also thank the brilliant cast and crew for their professionalism and efforts. We could not have done it without you.

So it is with great pleasure I present Chance Encounter (2017).    This is our short film – please watch it!


  1. Wow – sorry to be all doubty, but I wasn’t expecting something of this high caliber. The effects are quite good – more than your money’s worth. The score really makes it feel like an authentic piece of the universe.
    The writing’s good, the sets are good, even the sound mixing is good. I can see why you’d be so proud of this work.
    If you are into sharing the film, maybe we can interview you and share it on our site as well.

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    1. Thanks very much for your kind words mate. Gary the director did most of the effects stuff so can’t take credit for that myself and he used some music from Star Trek: Next Generation to augment our production values and the story. I would love to share the work with as many people as possible so let me know how to move that forward. Either me or Gary the director are more than happy to be interviewed. Cheers


  2. Ok, so I don’t really know how much 2,000 pounds really is but I’m truly impressed with what you were able to accomplish with a small budget. The movie looked and sounded great and and told what I thought was a very satisfying story in just 20 minutes.


  3. congratulations thank you, for this beautiful and poignant film. I wish you the best success and looking forward to your next film thank you again!!! It was a true labor of love.


  4. What a lovely film. Star Trek so rarely touches on the human condition anymore, it is nice to see its universe do something other than blow stuff up in an effort to attract adrenaline addicted teenagers. What you have achieved here reminded me of the beautiful Next Generation story “The Inner Light”, which I regard as the high point of the franchise. Kudos for your fine work.

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